Personalized Reusable Calendar

This reusable calendar is the last appointment calendar you will have to buy.  You use a wet erase marker on the film to fill it in, and erase it with a damp cloth or napkin at the end of the month, then use it again.

Actually, it is two-sided, so you can use one side for this month, and the other side for next month.  You can use empty spaces to make notes for dates beyond that.

SIZE - 11½ X 9

The 11½" wide by 9" high size is not a large size.  Like most of our products, it was designed with the RV in mind.  It is a good size for any limited space, such as RVs, mobile homes, apartment, small office, etc.

It is not magnetic, as RVs have little, if any, metal in them that will draw a magnet.    There is a hole at the top to hang it on a wall, and a marker holder at the bottom.


You can use dry erase markers on this film, but we recommend (and include) a wet erase marker.  The dry erase ink will rub off from handling.

If you rest your hand on the reusable calendar to write in an appointment, the wet erase ink under your hand will not rub off (unless your hand is wet).

Also, the wet erase marker uses a quick drying liquid paste, which is less likely to cause allergic reactions than the alcohol base used by the dry erase markers.

Just be sure you don't use a permanent marker, because that's what they are - permanent!

You can find wet erase markers (also called transparency markers) in the Home Office or School Supplies section of most discount stores, or office supply stores.


We have several background photos, shown below, for you to choose from.  You can choose one photo for one side and another for the other side.  Or you can email your favorite photos to use.  You might like to use a photo of family, grandchildren, RV, favorite campsite, house, etc.  We will size it and fade it out as needed.

You can also order a white background with no photo,  or even a plain white sheet with no calendar grid or photo. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please Contact us.

Blank Sheet

Basic Calendar



US Flag


Mt Rushmore


Red Rose


Superstition Mts-2

Superstition Mts-4


Footprint in Sand

Corn Field

Wheat Field


Red Cow

The price of the calendars is $10.00 each.  Shipping (to US addresses) is $3.00 for the first one, and $.50 for each additional.

To order, fill in the form below.  Your email and phone are required in case I have any questions, and will not be used for anything else.  If you do not want a caption at the top of the calendar, type "None" in the box.

In the Photo box, type in the name of your choice above, or a short description of your photo if you want to use your own.  (Like: "My family" or "My car" or "My house",etc.)

If you are ordering more than one, there is a "Continue Shopping" button in the shopping cart to bring you back to the order page.

Please allow up to two weeks to process your order.

The email address to send your photos to is:

Calendar Order Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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